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A unique, relaxed, close to home place to hang out with family, friends, or co-workers and try something completely different!
No frills and nothing but 
having a great time throwing axes!
But, if you insist - bring some champagne, slip into  your finest attire and fancy it up!

BYOB Facility - Really!! Pack a cooler and head on in!

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About North Country Axe

North County Axe is excited to partner with New Beginnings Fitness Center in Standish, MI. We’re situated within the northeast wing at the Forest Street entrance. 
North Country Axe values all that the Sunrise Side has to offer with its natural beauty and outdoor resources for natural entertainment. There are times the outdoors can pose natural threats or limit entertainment due to Mother Nature. In those times, North Country Axe can provide a safe and unique indoor entertainment opportunity within the gateway to the north: Standish, MI.
North Country Axe will allow for the community and surrounding areas to experience fun, family rich and affordable entertainment without having to drive 30 or more miles away. In these times of constant hustle and bustle, never slowing down and incessant connection to mobile devices, North Country Axe provides a disconnect from the rest of the world to focus on togetherness or individual self-care through this exhilarating experience. Stop by today!

Home: About
Our Story

North Country Axe is founded by a local family of 4 who took up axe throwing as a family activity at a venue 45 minutes south of Standish and couldn't get enough. What started as an idea for some back yard fun, quickly grew into an idea for a unique entertainment opportunity right in our home town.   This is a part-time family business with full-time heart.
Randy Schabel is a full time Sergeant with a local Sheriff's department; Alecia Schabel is a full time Licensed Social Worker in Saginaw; Kaeleigh Schabel is a full time college student; and Brayden Schabel is a full time high school student.
We are excited to offer something new and fun dedicated to the community and visitors of Sunrise Side Michigan. We welcome all of you!

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Why Axe Throwing?

One bad “axe” time🪓🎯

  • A sport which will get your body moving, allow an opportunity to develop a new skill and provide bonding time among those you enjoy 

  • Does not have to be very strenuous at all but can be viewed as an exercise depending on how one chooses to participate 

  • Can build exercise into your routine since it has been proven to work the upper body, core, hamstrings, quads and glutes

  • Burn up to 116 calories!

  • Has also been found to provide a therapeutic release as a mood booster that can help relieve built-up stress in the body

Not just for the "guys". Check out these ladies!

Everything included for all!
  • North Country Axe provides all axe throwing equipment and facilities within the nominal hourly fee

  • If you can throw a soccer ball from above your head you can throw an axe.

  • North Country Axe provides a safe & fun environment for any local and surrounding community member and out-of-town visitors during their trip to the Sunrise Side. 

  • Our goal is to make sure you leave with a memorable experience.

  • See private party information below. Extremely low fees for a local private parties.

You Can Book Axe Throwing For:
  • Date nights, even those awkward first dates          

  • Girls/Guys Day  

  • Birthdays 

  • Anniversaries

  • Clubs and Organization Outings

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

  • Graduation

  • Showers

  • Work parties

  • D.I.V.O.R.C.E. parties 

  • Holiday parties

  • Corporate events

  • Team building

  • New exercise / fitness

  • Rainy day fun

  • Any celebration or just something to do!

Home: Throwing Times
Throwing Times


Friday 6pm - 11pm | Saturday 6pm - 11pm 

Last Throwing Time is 1 Hour Prior to Closing

  • Opening on Sundays effective January 15, 2023 1p-5p *Sunday by reservation and minimum 4 throwers

Available other times and for private parties by appointment. Please reach out.

  • Use Contact Us section below

  • Email:

  • Message through Facebook at North Country Axe, LLC

  • Call 989-254-0698 

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Hourly Axe Throwing Pricing, Private Parties  & Current Specials


Axe throwing is rented by the hour & per person

  • Ages 16+ yrs $20 

  • Children ages 10-15 yrs $15 *Supervision required

  • Currently cash only. There is no debit/credit reader in the facility. We do accept Venmo & PayPal

Everyday discounts offered to:

  • Military/Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • Emergency Personnel

  • FREE throwing on your birthday with another paid thrower!


Let Us Host Your Party!

Reach out via email:
or call 989-254-0698
for private party rates which will INCLUDE cost of throwing!
No additional Fees!

North Country Axe has a room separate from axe throwing for food & gathering included in the cost of private party rental. Please inquire.

We can provide axe throwing themed

party decor or you can bring your own. 

We transform one of the rooms attached to the

axe throwing facility to meet any party needs!


  • Try It Out:

    • $10 for a 1/2 hour of throwing

  • Throwing Pass - 4 Visits/1 FREE!

Gift Certificates Available 

Experiences have replaced "things". Get them a gift to remember!

Once online order is complete a follow-up email will be sent with electronic gift certificate to print or use with phone.
Please reach out to or 
call 989-254-0698 if you experience any issues.

Also available for purchase during regular operating hours at North Country Axe facility.

New! Multi-use Throwing Passes save $15-20!

  • Adults 16+ yrs 4 hourly throws $80 5th Throw is FREE

  • Youth 10-15 yrs 4 hourly throws $60 5th Throw is FREE

Throwing Pass Order Form

*Passes Must Be Picked Up from the Facility*


Thanks for your order!

We will reach out to collect payment and discuss pick up times.

Home: Book Axe Throwing By The Hour
Axe Throwing Reservations
Reserve for 2-10 people
Private Parties - Please use Contact Us Section scroll down to bottom of the webpage
Home: FAQ

North Country Axe FAQ

Please reach out if you have a question not answered here.

Is North Country Axe really a BYOB facility?

The most asked question! And the answer is: YES, North Country Axe is really a BYOB (bring your own booze) facility! There is no BYOB limit other axe venues require. We trust our patrons will be respectful of others and our establishment. 

Is it safe to throw axes?

The second most common asked question! And that answer is: YES as well. North Country Axe coaches will teach you how to safely throw and it is guaranteed you will enjoy it more than you think!

Not one person has lost a limb, digit or otherwise to date!

What is the minimum age requirement?

North Country Axe values family activities. In careful consideration, all throwers must be at least 10 years old. Throwers ages 10-15 must be accompanied by an adult. Minors 10-17 must have a waiver signed by an adult. There is a much higher risk for accidents and injuries with children under the age of 10. North Country Axe does not want any of our guests to have to worry about the safety of young children during their throwing time.

What do I wear to throw axes?

All axe throwers must wear closed toe shoes. Sandals and flip flops are not allowed. North Country Axe staff will not allow anyone to throw who is not following this guideline. Refrain from wearing loose, flowing clothing (such as dresses or heavy coats).

Do I have to sign a waiver?

All guests must fill out and sign their own Liability Waiver prior to participating. All minors 10-17 must have an adult sign a waiver for them.

Do I need to bring my own axe?

Nah - we got you! North Country Axe will supply and maintain the throwing axes. No outside axes or knives may be brought into the facility.

Does North Country Axe charge for those who just want to watch the throwers?

Unlike other axe throwing venues - North Country Axe will allow 1 person per group lane rental to "watch" at NO COST! Everyone who enters must sign a waiver - even those who are just watching.

Does North Country Axe serve food and drinks?

In order to keep costs down and also provide many discounts, we do not serve food and drinks. 
However, throwers are welcome to bring in snacks and drinks of their choice. Pack a cooler and head on in! North Country Axe encourages you to patronize the many local  restaurants and bars before or after throwing to experience more of what the Sunrise Side has to offer!

Does North Country Axe charge a cover fee?

Unlike other axe throwing venues North Country Axe does NOT charge a cover fee. We put a high value on keeping our costs low enough for everyone to be able to enjoy axe throwing without additional fees.

Does North Country Axe provide group discounts?

Absolutely - we love groups! Please use the 'Contact Us' section below and a North Country Axe coach is happy to connect regarding arrangements and discounts for your group of 9 or more.

Does North Country Axe accommodate private parties?

Yes! Please use the 'Contact Us section below to reach out and North Country Axe will be happy to work out all the details to host your private party. Not only will you have the private space for axe throwing but we also provide a separate private room for your group to sit, gather, eat, whatever your pleasure!

Does North Country Axe support local fundraising for nonprofits?

Yes, North Country Axe will support any local nonprofit fundraising efforts! Please use the 'Contact Us' section below to reach out and North Country Axe will be happy to work out all the details for your nonprofit fundraiser. 

Throwing Rules and Accessibility

North Country Axe will not tolerate any:

  • Horseplay

  • Running 

  • Chopping

  • Disrespect to others

Throwers must:

  • Allow for only 1 axe in a target at a time

  • Not retrieve your axe until the other throwers axe is in the target or on the ground 

  • Respect other throwers 

  • Respect North Country Axe coaches/staff directives or be asked to vacate the premises immediately with no refund



Accessibility for all:

Axe throwing is a very inclusive sport and lends itself to a strength requirement vs. any other requirement. 

North Country Axe is able to coach people with accessibility needs, including mobility and visual impairment and we give a quick walkthrough on how to help enjoy your time.

 As our Why Axe Throwing section states, if someone can throw a soccer ball over their head they should be able to throw an axe. Our coaches will ensure accommodations where we can. If, after accommodations, an axe can not safely be thrown we will offer a refund. We will gladly take any suggestions for improving the user experience for everyone and apply the relevant accessibility standards. 

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North Country Axe, LLC Photo Gallery
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